I met these Indian girl named Niha at Starbucks. She moved to America 4 years ago. It amazes me how she transitioned from a place like India to America. Four years ago the only place she had ever lived in was in a hostel. Now she lives in a 1 bedroom apartment, and chilling at […]

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Where are you from?: “I’m from Cincinnati, I went to Wyoming High School.” What do you do? “I just finished my undergrad, and I recently got an internship at a cancer research facility.”     What is your favorite part about what you do? “Everyone knows somebody affected by cancer, and I feel happy going […]

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Lately I’ve been meeting a lot of people, and I’ve decided to ask random people I meet these questions. To capture how different everyone really is. Michaela   Where are you from?:                                                […]

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I have been reading this book for English class. It’s called “The Glass Castle”. Just so you know this is the first book I have read in about 4 years. I have always managed to get by with SparkNotes, and different summary’s online. This time I have decided to actually read, and It’s not as […]

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Deep thoughts

The idea that our planet is one out of 100 billion is mind-boggling. Its crazy to think that everybody we know, and heard of has lived on a fraction of a point in the universe. Finding meaning in this world, I have found is like being stranded in the middle of a desert without a […]

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Blog post 3

I recently got a job. I ask people at the mall to model. Most guys would think this job is a dream come true. You get paid to talk to hot girls. What’s not to like. But think about it, I work an 8 hour shift, and I talk to at least 300 people a […]

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About me

Yo wassup! Welcome to my blog. My name is Johnny Carroll. I am a sophmore at Mariemont High School. Here i’m going to talk about the thoughts that come through my mind. I just tore my ACL playing soccer, and I can’t do a lot. So I have a lot of time to write. Come […]

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